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Dog Walks

We aim to be the highlight in your dog’s day, until you come home, by offering fun filled walks. Being pack animals, dogs enjoy the social dynamics of being walked in a group, stimulating both mind and body, resulting in a happy and tired dog returned home. We will come and collect your furry friend from your home.

They will be taken to one of the many exciting walking destinations, that we are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep. After an hour of running, wrestling and sniffing your pooch will be returned happy and content for the rest of the day. We will be more than happy to hose and towel off any muddy paws !

We will arrange a time suitable to you for your dog to be picked up. Our normal walk duration is for an hour. We can provide half hour walks for puppies or elderly dogs. We aim to only walk 4 dogs at a time, unless there is a 2/3 dog family in the group, but the maximum amount of dogs will be 5 at any one time.


Once dropped off and cleaned up we top up any water bowls & are happy to feed any meals needed or administer medication.

All dogs will be registered with us before any services commence. We need to arrange to come and meet with you and your dog, ideally go for a short walk. This will give time to discuss any special requirements, your dog’s health, likes, dislikes and habits. At this point we will also require a copy of you veterinary details including vaccination records. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know us.  This meeting is free of charge.

Prices: Mon - Fri

Group Walks (max 4 dogs)

£16 per hour

Individual from £18

Weekends and bank holidays available at extra cost

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